Tea and a feeling!

At Forleaves we’re very much into how things feel.  How something external can influence your emotional state for good or for bad is a really important aspect of our human experience, and we need to understand its implications.  For example when we were thinking about the design considerations of this website we decided we wanted to create a feeling.  We wanted to create a feeling of calm.

Too much nowadays we are faced with a barrage of information giving us a million choices and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.  The noise that comes from this information reverberates around our heads and we can sometimes make choices based upon somebody else’s opinion, not our own.  In trying to create a feeling we wanted to give people visiting our website an oasis of calm to allow them to make mindful choices based upon good quality information, a space to actually tap into and listen to that peaceful inner voice which we so often ignore but which at times speaks wisely.

At a very basic level we are a business that retails loose leaf tea.  But we didn’t want to be the kind of company that is trying to SELL you loose leaf tea!!!  We wanted to create a space where given the right information and space to make a decision you would choose to buy our loose leaf tea.

In its essence tea and the ritual of tea has the ability to create those moments of calm, it can allow you refuge from the sometimes maniacally crazy and busy lives we lead in the 21st century, even if it’s just for a few moments.  And these moments are precious, they are imperative, without these moments we are lost in a sea of doing.  We are human “beings” and sometimes we just need to be.  Whether alone or sharing, anyone who enjoys tea will understand and maybe have their very own ritual that takes them to that place of calm.  We wanted to echo the calming qualities of tea in the walls of our virtual tea shop here at forleaves.org  and it is a work in progress.  Their is much to be added to the space but we hope in visiting the site you will leave feeling that little bit lighter 🙂

Written by: Drew Jemmett

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