No. 22 Yerba Matè


High Caffeine Earthy Infusion From South America

South Americans go crazy over Matè, with Uruguay and Argentina consuming between 5-10 kg per year per man, woman and child!!  The health benefits of this herb, a member of the Holly family, are well documented and tests have shown Matè to be packed full of Antioxidants and vitamins.  It also contains caffeine and L-theanine which combine to increase focus, attention and concentration.  Earthy with a slight hint of smoky mint.

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Product Description

The Infusion


ingredients icon    1 heaped tsp 1.5g / 250ml cup

ingredients icon    Water temp: 90°c

ingredients icon    Infusion time: 5-8 Mins

ingredients icon    Milk: Not recommended

The Details


map icon india    Ingredients: Yerba Mate Leaves

caffeine icon    Caffeine – 40+ mg

map icon india    Origin – Brazil


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