No. 04 Darjeeling 2nd Flush


A Full Flavoured 2nd Flush

Darjeeling is considered to be the champagne of teas.  During the Harvesting season in India there are three main flushes of growth from the tea plants Spring, Summer and Autumn.  Each flush produces different flavour characteristic in the finished tea.  Second flush Darjeeling’s harvested during the summer months of Jun-Aug display fuller and rounder flavours.  Our 2nd flush Darjeeling is from the Sungma Estate and is an excellent example of a second flush tea, rich flavoured with hints of muscatel grape and a sweet warm spice finish.

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Product Description

The Infusion


ingredients icon    1 heaped tsp 2.5g / 250ml cup

ingredients icon    Water temp: 90°c

ingredients icon    Infusion time: 3 Mins

ingredients icon    Milk: Not recommended

The Details


map icon india    Ingredients: Black Tea

caffeine icon    Caffeine – 40+ mg

map icon india    Origin – Sungma Estate, Darjeeling, India


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