Smooth, Sweet and Slightly Smokey

Gunpowder green tea is one of the oldest and most traditional teas in all of China. Special care is taken when the leaves are picked not to damage them, this enables the uniform rolling of the leaves into tight balls (resembling gunpowder pellets).  The rolling process tenderises the leaves and locks in the flavours and aromas.  During infusion the tiny pellets slowly unfurl and release their flavours, with our gunpowder green tea you get a smokey, earthy flavour, slightly sweet with a bright yellow cup.

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Product Description

The Infusion


ingredients icon    1 heaped tsp 2.5g / 250ml cup

ingredients icon    Water temp: 80°c

ingredients icon    Infusion time: 2-3 Mins

ingredients icon    Milk: Not recommended

The Details


map icon india    Ingredients: Green Tea

caffeine icon    Caffeine – 16-25 mg

map icon india    Origin – Zheijang Province, China

Additional Information


100g, 50g


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