Nutty sesame, natural popcorn sweetness

Japanese sencha, topped with fire toasted rice and popped rice kernels (AKA popcorn) give this unusual but authentic Japanese tea it’s unique toasted savoury umami (pleasant savoury taste found commonly in Japanese cooking).

One to engage with slowly, excellent accompaniment to Sushi.

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Product Description

The Infusion


ingredients icon    1 heaped tsp 2.5g / 250ml cup

ingredients icon    Water temp: 85-90°c

ingredients icon    Infusion time: 2-3 Mins

ingredients icon    Milk: Not recommended

The Details


map icon india    Ingredients: Sencha green tea, fire toasted brown rice, (genmai) popped rice kernels (popcorn)

caffeine icon    Caffeine – 16-25 mg

map icon india    Origin – Kagoshima Province, Japan

Additional Information


100g, 50g


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