Light, Refreshing and Aromatic

Sri Lanka, formerly know as Ceylon, produces some of the world’s finest teas, and this OP (‘Orange Pekoe’) grade is no exception. Grown at Altitude in the hills of Dimbula where the best leaves are harvested in spring following the monsoon rains.  This particular tea displays fine qualities full of flavour yet light and refreshing and with a wonderful copper coloured liquor, best enjoyed black to appreciate the tea’s complexities, but can be taken with a dash of milk.

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Product Description

The Infusion


ingredients icon    1 heaped tsp 2.5g / 250ml cup

ingredients icon    Water temp: 90°c

ingredients icon    Infusion time: 3 Mins

ingredients icon    Milk: Optional

The Details


map icon india    Ingredients: Black Tea

caffeine icon    Caffeine – 26-39 mg

map icon india    Origin – Dimbula, Sri Lanka

Additional Information


100g, 50g


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