Make Peace (and tea)

Something that I love about tea is that from one leaf so many tastes, colours, aromas mouth feels etc etc are possible. I love the way the terroir creates unique and distinct flavours and how this so often compliments the food that is eaten in that region. I love that tea is the 2nd most consumed drink globally after water and I love that many cultures have embraced and embed this leaf within their flavour and cultural rituals. This gives us the opportunity to experience the similarities that teas share as well as the endless possibility to create and explore new and ancient tastes and rituals. How beautiful in a drink that is associated with mindfulness and open heartedness. It has the ability not only to connect us to the present moment but to each other, whether we are drinking alone or with others. There is a wisdom in the simplicity and nature of tea that teaches us how to live

Written by: Clare Hanson

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