Can Tea Save The World

These are simply unprecedented times, and we feel it slightly impertinent to be posting pretty pictures of tea on to Instagram to entice you into buying Forleaves, when the world seems to be imploding. This situation deserves and requires that we engage with you on another level. This is a more personal engagement and a reaching out to people, something we’ve been wanting to do ever since we started this business back in 2013.

Tea as a drink, an experience, a way of life is in our opinion something of an introvert. We fell in love with these qualities as they resonated very closely with our own personalities. Tea prefers listening to talking, reading to socializing, and cozy chats to group settings. It likes to think before it speaks, and when it does it is considerate of other opinions. It doesn’t really do public speaking and it doesn’t generally live up to the normal culturally accepted definitions of charismatic. But tea is deep! And at the same time incredibly simple! Walt Whitman famously said “I am large I contain multitudes”. There is room for all of it and more. The ideas held within tea are just as important to us and we feel they could be the key to saving the world.

Humanity seems to be facing a crisis. The damage being done in the world at the moment is not only manifesting itself on the physical plane in the form of a virus but also on the plane of ideas, people are scared, fearful, anxious, the idea of the virus is just as damaging to our health. We need to take precautions as best we can to limit the spread of the virus and to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. But what we also need to do is take precautions to limit the spread of bad ideas. The ideas that create panic, selfishness and irrational behavior. These bad ideas stop us dealing with situations in the best way we can, we cannot bring forward the creative solutions to problems when we are acting from a place of fear. The wisdom held within the idea of tea asks us to be mindful, to be considerate, to be caring and above all to reconnect with the deeper aspects of ourselves. It asks us to consider the interconnectedness of everything and to see our lives and actions as part of a bigger whole and not as an isolated phenomenon without consequences.

Consider these ideas. Could the manifestation of a virus that attacks the lungs be a signpost to our disconnect with our environment? Trees breathe for us! Could deforestation, pollution and climate change have weakened our immune system as a species? Could we be doing more as a collective to rebalance nature and prevent future deaths from even more dangerous pandemics? Many experts have been warning that something like this is going to happen at some point, do we wait until millions die before we change our behavior. We need new ideas and new ways of existing on this planet before nature decides we’ve outstayed our welcome. It’s a grand claim to make that tea can save the world, there isn’t one solution to the many problems we face. But what we do believe is that ideas can save the world, and the idea of our interconnected unity is a good place to start.

So for now and into the foreseeable future we’re not going to try and sell you tea, that was never our intention in the first place. Our main hope is that in buying our tea you would also buy into the ideas that tea carries with it. Maybe it can help save the world after all.

Stay safe.  Drew & Clare x

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