Forleaves Tea Company is a micro business that has evolved out of the blood, sweat and TEA-rs of Andrew (Drew) Jemmett and Clare Hanson.  Coming from completely different backgrounds we set this business up in 2013 with the aim of representing tea properly and trying to encourage (mostly in ourselves) a more mindful approach to life.  We have learnt a huge amount about tea over the past few years and we’ve also learnt a huge amount about ourselves in the process.  It’s not easy running a small business but we do this because we are both passionate about tea and about the ideas we have for creating a better world.  We’re also passionate about providing a personal service to our customers, so if you’d like to get in touch about anything tea related, we’d love to hear from you.


The culture and ritual of tea spans the globe and dates back 5000 years.  Found embedded deeply within these ancient traditions we find a simple wisdom that points to a mindful appreciation of tea and an increasing moment to moment awareness and appreciation of the world we live in.  THE ART OF INFUSION is the ritual of enjoying something as simple as the pleasure of tea. A time for quiet reflection and sharing and a clearer perspective. It allows us the time and space to connect, be present and to see the world around us with more clarity.  Our vision is to reinvent tea culture for the 21st century and take that simple ancient wisdom and give it a place in our modern world


We work very closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure our tea is of the highest quality.  We generally only order in smaller batches and our blends are packed by hand to order which ensures the tea reaches you fresh and full of flavour.  As we grow our aim is to increase our support for traditional artisan production methods.  By supporting the smaller independent farmers we in return benefit from a wider range of teas to choose from.  This allows farmers to be creative and produce teas outside of the scope of the mass market of commodity traded tea.  The result of this is a more diverse tea market and support and fairer trade prices for independent farmers and producers.


Our teas are ethically sourced through our partners/suppliers, who are either certified Fair Trade or work with the ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership).  The issue of fair trade for workers is a complex one and for years has been largely ignored by large agribusinesses trading tea as a low price commodity.  Awareness is growing and the industry is changing slowly.  Our aim is to be as transparent as possible in all our business dealings and work to promote fair and ethical relationships with all our partners involved in the tea industry.  Through the creation of Forleaves Forcommunity we aim to bring together customers, growers, workers and all involved in the production and enjoyment of tea into a dialogue which will be of benefit to all, Socially, Economically, Environmentally and Culturally.


Ideas are important to us and we aim to build a community of tea drinkers and idea makers who share a passion.  We want your help to become the forerunners in the creation of a modern tea culture that reflects the times we live in.  An ethical and philosophical platform for positive change not only within the tea industry but also out into the wider world.

A New Journey Awaits

Change your tea ritual today and experience a whole new world of flavours